Beskyttelse af personlige oplysninger

Privacy policy

1. Who processes personal data collected via this website?

LUZCAR-SOCIEDADE DE ALUGUER DE VEICULOS MOTORIZADOS, LDA, based in Largo Portas de Portugal, 10 8600-657 Lagos (referred to hereinafter as Luzcar) is responsible for the processing of your personal data (that is, any information which identifies you directly or indirectly) collected through this website.

Table of Contents

Basic Information on Data Protection

Entity Responsible



  • - Providing car rental services and performance of the relevant contract

  • - Marketing communications and other commercial communications

  • - Quality control

  • - Provision of road assistance and accident insurance

  • - In case of communication of personal data to the authorities and management of road offences



  • - Contractual relationship for delivery and return of the vehicle, payment management, customer support

  • - Fulfilment of legal obligations

  • - Consent of the data subject

  • - Legitimate interests pursued by LUZCAR


  • - Authorised employees of LUZCAR and other  subcontractors appointed by LUZCAR.

  • - Insurance companies

  • - Public entities, public authorities, utilities


Access, rectification, deletion, restriction, objection, portability, right to withdraw consent when the data processing is based on consent

2. For purposes the Luzcar collects your personal data?

LUZCAR processes personal data that you provide voluntarily to LUZCAR through this website for the following purposes:

2.1. Your booking and your rental contract:

a) Confirming and ensuring your booking;

b) Modifying or cancelling your booking;

c) Mailing you with regard to your booking/rental (for example, providing you with information about your booking/rental, sending you a reminder notice before your check-in/check-out, answering your questions or suggestions);

d) Managing your rental (delivery and return of the vehicle);

e) Managing your invoices;

f) Managing the payment of your fees;

g) Managing potential claims;

h) Managing your insurance.


2.2. Your payment of the LUZCAR services.

This processing is necessary for the execution of the rental contract. For your complete information, LUZCAR may only save your credit card information upon your explicit consent, in order to facilitate future payments.


2.3. The improvement of LUZCAR products and services based on customer quizzes that you filled in.


2.4. Promotional and marketing activities including:

a) Sending notifications by email and text message on promotions/special deals;

b) Registration of its bookings history to suggest you favourite products/services when searching for new bookings/rentals

c) Registration of your rental history to send you special offers and let you benefit from special advantages, according to the frequency and amount of your orders;

d) Sending emails about bookings that are not completed or sending you a summary of a booking inquiry;

e) Managing your loyalty programme and membership card;

f) Organising promotional contests/sweepstakes;

g) Managing and updating the customer/stakeholder database of LUZCAR

Direct marketing activities, i.e. any commercial message from LUZCAR to promote the services of LUZCAR are subject to your express consent.

Conversely, if you are already a LUZCAR customer and if the message refers to products/services similar to those that you have already purchased, the underlying processing to promote these services will not be based on consent, but on the “legitimate interest” of LUZCAR.


2.5. Managing fines, in particular:

a) Transferring to the competent authorities the identity of the driver (or potential driver);

b) Complying with the fines collection procedure that LUZCAR may be subject to;

c) Identifying drivers before utilities.

    This processing is required by law.


2.6. Managing and updating a “watch list” of customers that have certain contractual risks, based on:

a) Payment incidents that have given rise to legal proceedings;

b) Accidents with vehicles or repeated damages caused by a LUZCAR customer

    Accidents or damage wilfully caused by a LUZCAR customer using LUZCAR vehicles in violation of the terms and conditions for vehicle rental.

   This processing aims to reduce the risk exposure of LUZCAR in the performance of rental contracts and is based on the “legitimate interests” of LUZCAR. If you are on the LUZCARwatch list”, your booking request/rental will be rejected; as is the case, you have the right to challenge this decision by contacting

   For your complete information, LUZCAR carries out certain processing of your personal information through “cookies” and other trackers collected each time you visit the LUZCAR website. This processing is regulated by the LUZCAR Cookies Policy, which we encourage you to     review. You can accept or decline these cookies and other trackers by following the instructions provided by the LUZCAR Cookies Policy.


3. Who are the data recipients of the personal information we collect about you?


3.1 Recipients Categories

Your personal data will be transmitted, as required/relevant to:

a) Authorised LUZCAR personnel for the purposes described in this privacy policy;

b) Third-party providers of IT services for technical purposes in order to help LUZCAR provide you with their services. The leading IT service providers are:

i. ????? for the maintenance of data centres and user support services;

ii. ????? for hardware maintenance and implementation;

iii. ????? for automated marketing services;

iv. Google Inc., in particular for hosting services and business applications.

c) In relation to the information processed for payment of fines, this data may be shared with public authorities and public utilities.

d) Data can be transmitted to insurance companies and external service providers such as lawyers or collection agencies.

LUZCAR can also transmit your personal data as required by law and/or by the competent authorities.


3.2 International transfers

As required to provide you with the LUZCAR services, LUZCAR will, to the extent necessary for the purposes set out above, transfer your personal data outside the EU, to the abovementioned third parties.

As is the case, some recipients may be located in countries that have been acknowledged by the European Commission as capable of ensuring an adequate level of personal data protection or in countries that have not been acknowledged as capable of providing said level of protection. Anyway, LUZCAR has put in place appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data, in compliance with Regulation no. 2016/679.


4. For how long will LUZCAR keep your personal data?

Personal data are stored for different periods depending on the purposes of processing:


Retention period

Your booking and your car rental

For the duration of your business relationship.

However, information that may prove a right or rental contract or required to be kept in compliance with a legal requirement may be subject to an intermediate file policy for a period not exceeding the time necessary for the purposes for which it is retained in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Payment – Payment card information

Upon effective completion of payment.

However, the payment card information (excluding the visual cryptogram):

  • That can prove a payment (i.e., card number and expiry date) is subject to an intermediate file policy for a period of 13 months after the effective payment for credit cards and 15 months for deferred debits, card to be used only if the transaction is challenged;

  • It can be retained for a longer period, subject to your express consent, to facilitate future payments.

In any case, when the payment card expires, the related information will be deleted.

Promotional and marketing activities

  • For LUZCAR customers: 3 years since the end of the relationship with LUZCAR

  • For potential (other than LUZCAR customers): 3 years from the collection of your personal information OR since the last information request you have made.


Payment of fines

During the time required to identify the driver (or potential driver) responsible for the offence that led to the fine. However, relevant information may be retained longer, after the notification of the fine, subject to an intermediate file policy.

Managing and updating a watch list of customers that have certain contractual risks, namely:

  1. Payment incidents that give rise to lawsuits

  2. Accidents with the vehicle or repeated damages caused by the LUZCAR customer

  3. Accidents or damages wilfully caused

3 years from the occurrence of the relevant event

  1. The use of LUZCAR vehicles in violation of the terms and conditions for car rental

Five years from the occurrence of the event



5. What rights can you enforce in relation to the processing of personal data?

Under Regulation no. 2016/679, you can also benefit from the following rights:

a) Right to “access”: the right to obtain confirmation of whether your personal data is being processed by LUZCAR and, if so, to access these personal data and obtain more information about the characteristics of our processing;

b) Right to “rectification”: right to obtain correction of inaccurate personal data or right to see the completed incomplete personal data, including through a supplementary declaration;

c) Right to “delete” (commonly referred to as “right to oblivion”): the right to obtain the deletion of your personal data in certain circumstances; right to “objection”: at any time, the right to object to the processing of your personal data to prevent LUZCAR from continuing to perform said processing;

i. When your data are processed for direct marketing purposes;

ii. When your personal data are processed based on the legitimate interest of LUZCAR. In this case, your order will only be granted if you provide LUZCAR with a description of the particular situation that legitimises your request, unless LUZCAR can produce compelling legitimate grounds for such processing to prevail over the interests, rights and freedoms of data subjects or for the purpose of establishing, enforcing or defending legal claims.

d) The right to “withdraw your consent”: when the processing of personal data is based on consent, you shall be entitled to withdraw consent to the processing of your personal data at any time and to prevent LUZCAR from continuing carry out this processing;

e) Right to “data portability”: when the processing of personal data is based on your consent and is carried out by automated means, the right to receive your personal data provided to LUZCAR, in an Excel spreadsheet and transmit your data to a designated third party;

f) Right of a “deceased person”: right to set guidelines regarding the processing of your personal information after your death.

If you wish to enforce any of these rights, please contact as defined below in section [7].

To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.

Under Article 77 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679, you may file a complaint about the processing of your personal data with the personal data protection authority in your country if you believe that the processing of personal data violates said Regulation no. 2016/679.

In relation to the purposes of processing, the categories of personal data involved, the categories of recipients, if these data are transferred to third countries and appropriate safeguards are put in place (if any), the retention period, the existence of any automated individual decisions based on these data, the right to file a complaint with the relevant data protection authority, the existence of other rights of data subjects (rectification, deletion, restriction).

When (i) the data is no longer needed in relation to the purposes for which it was collected, (ii) withdraw your consent and there is no other legal basis for processing, (iii) you object to the processing of personal data and there is no competing legal basis, (iv) it is demonstrated that your personal data have been unlawfully treated, for compliance with a legal obligation.

or another format commonly used or capable of being read by a machine.

The country where you have your habitual residence, workplace or place of the alleged offence.


6. Who to contact if you have a question regarding the processing of your personal data?

Depending on the purpose of your question, you will find the respective contact below:

  • To enforce your rights (access, rectification, deletion, restriction, objection, portability): you can contact


7. How does Luzcar protect your personal data?

LUZCAR undertakes to protect the information it collects through this website.

In particular, LUZCAR uses appropriate physical, technical and organisational security measures to prevent unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage of your personal data.

LUZCAR systems are configured with data encryption. When sending personal information to the LUZCAR website via the Internet, your data is protected by “Transport Layer Security” (TLS) technology to ensure safe transmission.

Any transaction by credit card that you make through LUZCAR websites is done through our Secure Server Technology. This technology, in a very clear way:

a) Assures your browser that your data is being sent to the correct computer server and that the server is secure;

b) Encodes the data, so that they cannot be read by anyone other than the secure server;

c) Verifies that the data to be transferred have not changed.


8. What rules apply to the processing of your personal data when you click on the links placed on the of LUZCAR website directing to the websites of LUZCAR partners or other websites?

You can find several links to the websites of LUZCAR partners. LUZCAR would like to draw your attention to the fact that this privacy policy does not apply to the processing of personal data carried out by our partners or other third parties when visiting their respective websites and that LUZCAR is not responsible for this processing. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of LUZCAR partners and other third parties to better understand the rules applicable to the processing of personal data carried out by them.


9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was published on August 30th, 2019. In the event of changes to this privacy policy implemented by LUZCAR such changes are identified by LUZCAR in this webpage.

When a change has a substantial impact on a processing carried out based on your consent, LUZCAR will contact you to obtain renewed consent.